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Japhar NC3 Sim – DM500HD

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Japhar NC3 Sim – DM500HD
« u: 03.11.2017, 09:53:08 »
SUPERSIM3 Japhar NC3 Sim (For Linux DM receivers Dream Box), Supports also IPTV !
The sim card will be delivered with pre-loaded OS below,
but you can always with the GCR2 programmer reflash it :
– DM500HD (Dual Sim Japhar AND Ferrari) by default
The Japhar NC3 sim supports for DM500HD OE1.5, OE1.6, OE2.0 and OE2.2.
The Ferrari NC3 sim supports for DM500HD OE1.5, OE1.6.
The New SIM NC3 Japhar for receivers DM Linux Enigma2
No more "NO CA ERROR" of "NO CA FOUND". Is the solution for all your problems.
Support (If different than DM800HD sent by default, please advise us on payment):
DM800HD, DM8000HD, DM800HDse, DM800HDseV2, DM500HD, DM500HDV2
- Reprogrammable SIM card for your DM box support all images.
- You can reuse your SIM in your new box, or test it with other boxes.
- Supports all boxes, just with a PC / SC programmer you can reprogram.
- Powerfull IC with Corprocessor and 3 times the memory of the normal SIM cards.
- Optional programming.
If you have a DM800HD box with an old Sim 1.0 (limited to SSL69 and SSL70),
you can change it with the Japhar Sim (just insert it)
and you will be able to load all images up to SSL84a, SS84b, SSL84c, SSL84d, SSL84f, SSL84j.
INFO-098 723 450
CIJENA-250 kn